How a Rising Virtual Brand Startup Conquered the US Market in Just 3 Months by Uncovering a Steady Stream of High-Quality Leads

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Client Introduction

Peckwater Brands (PWB) is the fastest growing virtual restaurant brand company in the UK, offering flexible franchise concepts that complement existing restaurant operations.

PWB’s innovative platform seamlessly integrates with existing operations, providing restaurateurs and kitchen operators with the tools to increase revenue by tapping into diverse brands and cuisines. With PWB’s multifaceted franchise operations, any kitchen can effortlessly meet the growing demand for delivery services.

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Industry: Hospitality

Stage: Launch


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We really enjoyed Akorn’s ability to pinpoint a scalable winning formula through the test and learn approach.

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PWB’s successful business model led numerous UK restaurants to rapid success and established PWB as a leading player in the virtual branding field. Now, they’re looking to replicate their success in America.

Recognizing the differences in market dynamics, Peckwater sought a local US team to help develop and manage targeted media campaigns to break into the American scene.

That’s when PWB turned to Akorn for assistance.

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PWB, operating in a fast-paced startup environment, required a US-based PPC team that could match their brand’s agility and dynamism.

The Akorn team swiftly conducted a thorough competitive and market analysis to gain a complete understanding of PWB’s brand, the unique industry, and their pain points. This process uncovered the most valuable keyword and audience targets for the brand and identified the key drivers of conversions in the US market.

As PWB operates in a pioneering market category, keyword search volume was limited. To overcome this challenge, PWB and Akorn collaborated to experiment with diverse engine platforms, digital channels, ad formats, messaging, and creatives to discover innovative ways to drive conversion.

Harnessing a strategic mix of manual and automated bidding, Akorn optimized ad visibility for high-value targeting and drove incremental conversions through automated bidding on awareness audiences.


Leads (Conversions)



Conversion Rate



Cost Per Lead (CPL)




Akorn’s tailored approach helped PWB thrive in the US market, resulting in a surge in conversion volume within a month of testing new strategies.

With constant communication, swift response times, and relentless testing, Akorn’s team fine-tuned the campaign to improve its performance. Then, ongoing analysis led to more engaged target audiences and increased conversion rates in just three months. Moreover, Akorn’s optimization efforts reduced the average cost-per-lead (CPL), resulting in consistent, high-quality leads for PWB’s US sales team on a weekly basis.

“We really enjoyed Akorn’s ability to pinpoint a scalable winning formula through the test and learn approach.”

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Partnering with Akorn enabled PWB to successfully penetrate the US market and navigate into new markets. With the insights gained from this experience, PWB capitalized on their new knowledge of the US landscape and expanded into other global regions.

The results of the campaign serve as a testament to the effectiveness of Akorn’s approach and its potential to accelerate the growth of startups by providing a dependable partner capable of delivering quick results with minimal oversight. This case study highlights the benefits of collaborating with a reliable digital advertising ally and creating a customized strategy to achieve a business’s specific goals.

When asked for advice on selecting a digital agency, PWB emphasized, “Look for someone who can seamlessly become an extension of your team and possesses exceptional account management skills.”

PWB elaborated, “Akorn went above and beyond, providing us with added value that we couldn’t find in other agencies.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual brand?

A virtual brand, often referred to in the context of the restaurant industry, is a type of food business that exists primarily or exclusively online, usually relying on food delivery platforms for order fulfillment.

These brands do not have a traditional brick-and-mortar presence; instead, they operate out of existing kitchen facilities (sometimes shared) and use online channels for all customer interactions, from order placement to delivery.

How does digital marketing benefit your virtual brand?

Digital marketing is crucial for a virtual brand provider, as it enhances online visibility, allowing it to reach a wider audience. It enables precise targeting and personalization, catering to specific consumer preferences.

The measurable results from digital marketing also allow for continual strategy optimization, helping to build a strong brand identity and ultimately driving increased sales.

What are common challenges when expanding to the US market, especially for online-based businesses?

Expanding an online-based business into the US market comes with its share of hurdles. First and foremost, the US is a vast and diverse market with regional disparities, which makes understanding and navigating its consumer landscape a daunting task. The behavior, tastes, and preferences of consumers can vary widely from one region to another.

Second, the US digital market is highly competitive. The vast array of options available to consumers means businesses must work hard to differentiate themselves and make a compelling case for why their product or service is the best choice.

Additionally, businesses must grapple with a myriad of regulatory complexities. This could include everything from data privacy laws to advertising standards, all of which can vary from state to state.

Then there’s the matter of localizing marketing efforts. Simply translating existing strategies won’t suffice; businesses must develop a deep understanding of US culture and values to resonate with American consumers.

Besides your advertising solutions, what else does Akorn Media bring to the table for virtual brands?

Besides our top-rated advertising offerings, Akorn Media extends its expertise to harnessing the potential of search engines and social media platforms. This ensures we tap into both audiences already interested in your offerings and those yet to discover them.

Our team amplifies your brand’s online presence with captivating display ads and employs resources like Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Looker Studio for detailed campaign analysis.

We also focus on boosting your advertising efficiency through strategic ad placements, comprehensive A/B testing, and creating engaging landing pages to ensure optimal return on your ad spend.

How can I get started with Akorn Media for my online brand marketing campaign needs?

Initiating a partnership with Akorn Media is a straightforward process. All you need to do is get in touch with us via our online contact form, email, or telephone. We’ll arrange a preliminary discussion to grasp the objectives and hurdles of your company. Our dedicated team will be with you at every phase, ensuring a seamless and fruitful progression towards meeting your marketing goals.

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